Based on your needs, we will recommend a complete automobile policy designed to protect your assets and future earning power. There are six basic auto coverages:

Bodily Injury Liability:

You are protected against a claim or lawsuit by another person stemming from an automobile accident for which you may be at fault. If a lawsuit is filed against you, Your policy will cover the legal costs to defend you.

Property Damage:

Your policy will cover to repair the damage to another person’s property, such as cars, fences or trees, if the damage is caused by an automobile accident for which you are at fault.

Uninsured Motorists:

You are protected if you are injured in an automobile accident that is caused by a hit and run driver or a driver who is uninsured. Your policy will cover medical and certain related expenses not covered by other parts of the policy and for a pain and suffering damage award to which you would have been entitled if the driver had been insured.


Your policy will cover to repair damages to your car which are caused by events other than collision. Typical examples are theft, fire and vandalism. Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or mechanical failure of the car is not covered.


Regardless of who is at fault, your policy will cover to repair your car if it collides with another car or object.


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