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September 2017
Your Responsibility During Inclement Weather
Working Safely Near Downed Electrical Lines

August 2017
Using Life Insurance to Fund a Buy Sell Agreement
Key Person Life Insurance

July 2017
Are You Prepared for Employment Related Practices?
Employment Practices Liability Scorecard

June 2017
Compliance Review – Employee vs Independent Contractor

May 2017
U.S. Aftermath of Wannacry Ransomware
Cyber Risk Exposure Scorecard
Cyber Attacks – A Growing Business Interruption Threat

April 2017
Are You Prepared for Employment Related Practices
Employment Practices Liability Scorecard

March 2017
OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping
OSHA Injury Reporting Flowchart
300 OSHA Recordability Flowchart

February 2017
Defining, Identifying and Limiting Cyber Crime
Spear Phishing

January 2017
Reporting Worker’s Compensation Claims
South Carolina’s Worker’s Compensation Statutes

December 2016
Securing Your Company’s Mobile Devices
Preventing Laptop Theft
Disposing of Your Devices

November 2016
Office Safety During Flu Season
Planning for Flu Season

September 2016
Safety Tips for Extreme Driving Conditions
Defensive Driving – Accident Prevention
Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures

August 2016
How To Prepare for a Worker’s Compensation Audit
Worker’s Compensation Audit Classification Process

July 2016
Preventing Heat Illness
Avoid Heat Illness

June 2016

May 2016
Subcontractor Management Plan
Subcontractor Agreement

April 2016
OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping
OSHA Recordable Incident Advisor
OSHA Onsite Consultant Program

March 2016
Responding to EPL Claims
Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Third-party Employment Practices Liability Insurance

February 2016
Cyber Security for Small Businesses
Cyber Risks and Liabilities
Defining, Identifying and Limiting Cyber Crime



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February 2015 – Worker’s Compensation Return to Work Program

January 2015 – Protect Your Home During Freezing Weather

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January 2014 – Financial Advisor Chimes in on Umbrella Insurance – Insurance Coverage Lacking for Many Wealthy Americans

December 2013 – Prepare Your Business for Holiday Hazards – Five Tips That Can Keep You Safe During The  Holidays

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July 2013 – Prepare for Catastrophe — Preparing An Evacuation Plan — Free Phone App

June 2013 – Employment Practice Liability Insurance

May 2013 – Water Damage — What’s Covered and What’s Not — Insure Against the Risk of Sewer Back Up

April 2013 – Cyber Security Plan